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"So needless to say

I'm odds and ends

But I'm me stumbling away Slowly learning that life is OK.

Say after me, It's no better to be safe than sorry." - A-HA

I have always felt like I had something to share...but no clear direction of where, how or what exactly it was though. My career has always involved being organized, planning events, writing until the words stopped flowing, and always sharing my expertise in jobs where there was no real acknowledgment of my value.

Finally getting to a point where this feeling of sharing was all-consuming, I decided it needed filled. So...welcome to my blog! Working with small nonprofits and businesses, I quickly learned resources were always scarce and my organization was not the only one in this situation. My particular area of expertise was marketing and public relations which led to expanding my Executive Assistant position to include these tasks. I completed by M.A in public relations, consuming every bit of information I could to help the company.

There is so much out there but often times it is difficult to glean the essentials without getting roped into a demo, pushy sales call, or an additional 10 emails that you never remember signing up to receive.

My goal here is to share quick bits of information on marketing/PR topics that are beneficial to nonprofits and small businesses. Be prepared for the pop culture references as I have a million but more importantly I hope you pick up at least one great tip to help your organization succeed.


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